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Suger's Budget Fashionista Workbook

The Budget Fashionista Workbook was created off the back of the successful blog post series of the same name and offers the reworked blog content, fresh style boards and brand new check-lists in a simple, easy to read PDF format.

Designed to enable you to create a killer wardrobe within your budget, readers will find that they are making more considered wardrobe choices, creating a personal style and enjoying the process. After all consumer debt is a drag, you might as well avoid it where you can. That’s where The Budget Fashionista Workbook comes in.

What I said above is the truth. Credit card and consumer debt is a drag. I’ve been there and back. When I started this blog I wanted to make a difference for people, share positive stories and things I loved. When the blog focused more on fashion I loved it but it worried me too. What if people saw something I wore and had to have it? Had to have it and the only way was through credit or store cards?

That didn’t sit right with me.

I wanted to say that you can be stylish and build a great wardrobe without using credit. Sure it takes a little longer, a little bit of creativity and a different way of thinking but it’s worth it. Fashion is fun, personal style is such a great expression and letting it get dragged down in debt and drama sucks. So don’t do it. You know, short version. Don’t. do it

Stop right now, thank you very much.

The blog post series went live over five weeks starting in April 2012. There have been a few additions to the category since then and you’ll find it all is still available on the site now if you want to read it here. I don’t plan to ever remove it. The Budget Fashionista Workbook takes that content along with added checklists, my wardrobe essentials guide and additional information and combines it with handy links and tasks to get you moving on your journey.

I know you’ll enjoy it, I hope you’ll love it and most of all here’s to the beginning of your credit free, Budget Fashionista wardrobe! Big love, Suger. x

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