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Suger's Fashion Anarchy

What we will embark on here is a fashion challenge my friends. A challenge to raise holy hell in your wardrobe and shake things up. Before we ever start, before we take those first (perhaps timid) steps into creating a style that you love, let’s talk about why we all need a little Fashion Anarchy in our lives.

Fashion Anarchy started with a conversation about the rules of style. Everything from don’t wear white in winter, to large women shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes and that women of a certain age should not wear a mini skirt.

I looked at the woman opposite me in this conversation and realised we ALL have these rules imposed upon us. Fat or skinny, short or tall, young or old at some stage we have all been deemed inappropriate by some distant fashion authority from a who knows when era. Fashion rules that remind us that we are women and, therefore, can be dictated to.

Women and rules go way back. The telling of women how to behave, how to act, who to love and what to wear is one of those things that is so ingrained in our culture that we don’t even blink an eyelid when someone says don’t wear a mini skirt if you have knobby knees or worse chubby ones. Fashion rules impact us every day as we judge our bodies critically to determine how best to interpret them. Hide this part of your body lady, play up that, too old for this?

But it’s time to change that.

Based on the blog post series of the same name, Suger’s Fashion Anarchy eWorkbook will have you questioning the rules, asking what you actually like and developing a personal style that is, well, personal. Use this workbook and discover what that means for you. It doesn’t mean never having style rules again, it means setting your own rules and breaking them when you please! That’s what Fashion Anarchy is all about.

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