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Instagram for Business Workbook

What’s new in Version 3?

Welcome to Version 3 of Suger’s Instagram for Business Workbook. This edition has been updated to incorporate changes to Instagram such as Instagram Stories and new promotional options. I’ve given a few tips on how to use it, what to share there and why.

In addition to that, I have expanded the ‘branding your images’ section. This is where I received the MOST feedback, people had questions, so I’ve tried to answer these through the inclusion of some account commentaries drawing attention to the look and style of the account. I hope that helps.

Instagram continues to be the easiest, most beautiful way to put your business in front of a global audience. And in doing so, create a personal, one-on-one relationship between you and your customers that can be as local as you are.

Also in this new edition, I have shared how I grew my account from a haphazard personal account to a branded business one that now generates readers for my blog and customers for my eBooks, workshops, and challenges.


This workbook is perfect for business owners or bloggers, this workbook is designed to give you the focus to brand your Instagram account, the tools to grow your audience and all the essential information to do that without being a creep.

Because who wants to be one of those follow/unfollow creeps anyway? And if you don’t know what I mean by that, I’ll go into it a little further later on. Just know that if you’re building genuine relationships on Instagram there is no need for tricks to lure people to your account. You just have to be you.

If this is the way you chose business, and if you’re my kind of people that’s always the way, developing your Instagram profile is a fun way to do business. It’s not just me saying that, with social media influences being paid in the tens of thousands of dollars for posts, you know that there has to be something there for you, your business or brand too.

So let’s get started. It’s about time you learned how to brand, promote and grow your Instagram community as a way to drive genuine customers to your website or mailing list. You’re ready for that, right? I thought so.

Let’s go!

What 'they' say about the Instagram for Business workbook.

"After attending Melissa's Instagram for Business workshop locally and applying all the hints and tips from the workbook when I got home, my audience has grown from 600 to just over 8000 and growing daily. My images get great reach and I've been regrammed a number of times by followers and brands I use. With her help and guidance, I have transformed my hobby account into an invaluable business tool. Thank you so much, Melissa."

Desiree of Madame Rouge Makeup

"After working through Melissa's Instagram for Business Workbook, suddenly the penny dropped and I understood better what my perfect follower was looking for on my profiles. Early this year, I started a new blog and delivered Melissa's methods to the associated Instagram account. I am gaining 100+ engaged, interested and interactive followers per month and absolutely love working on the account. I highly recommend this workbook for anyone on Instagram wanting to grow their following. Why? Because Melissa's method works. Simple."

Gayel of The Daily Recovery

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